Friday, April 3, 2015

Just what the hell is going on in the UK?

(London) For all the protestations of Islamic pressure groups in the UK about what a horrible place the UK is for Muslims, the fact remains - it is one of the most friendly places on the planet for Islamic bigots to promote their cause. Take the past few days  for example.

We saw a very public argument between a Labour MP and a woman over her objections to him celebrating the flying of the Pakistani flag outside Rochdale town hall. He had no problem calling the police by playing the race card over how she pointed out that the vast majority of rape gang members jailed in the UK (never mind Rochdale) are Pakistani.

The other day, 9 people were stopped in Turkey for trying to join ISIS in Syria, they all came from... Rochdale.. It now transpires that a mullah from Rochdale has gone public about the growth of radical intolerant Islam in... Rochdale.

16 miles from Rochdale is Accrington today we heard about how 34-year-old Mohammed Liaqat wasn't happy about how a couple of 14-year-old Muslims were sent home from school because they came to school sporting beards. Whilst having nothing to do with the boys in question, he proceeded to the Catholic school and launched a racist tirade against white people. After he was arrested and told to stay away from the school, he simply went to a junior school and continued his violent protestations that only white people can be racist.

21 miles from Rochdale is Blackburn today we heard how a NHS doctor at Burnley Hospital, Dr. Abdelrahman Sabeel Mohamed, has been struck off the medical register after he groped a cleaner whilst giggling like a schoolboy. After being released on bail, he decided to leave the country, so there is a European arrest warrant currently in his name.

This evening we were informed that 5 people have been arrested at Dover as they tried to leave the country in which to join ISIS.

In London today, that old favourite of the left, Anjem Choudary, decided to preach to the faithful as they left London central mosque that voting (general election next month in the UK) is against Islam.

On Monday, 2 men were arrested in Rotherham on charges of child rape, buggery and indecent assault, as they had their taxis licences revoked. It's a no brainer to guess which faith they belong to. But then, this is the same Rotherham where over 1400 young white girls were raped by... Pakistani men.

To the left, Muslims can do no wrong, which is why at Easter, the bBC has for the past few days promoted Islamic news stories:
So the media has been full of Islamic news stories the past few days, yet Muslims constitute 4% of the population. But to the left-wing media, Muslims can only be bloody victims, as exemplified by this pathetic article:

Hanna Yusuf flew back to the UK from the Middle East. At Customs, the woman behind the desk asked her a few question. Apparently, she didn't like being asked a few questions, she wasn't arrested, she wasn't taken to one side and she wasn't deported. She even stated she was allowed to continue, yet she felt her human rights had been abused, and so, as is the way of the eternal victim, she wrote an article in a liberal newspaper in which to express her views that the UK is a racist, Islamophobic country.