Thursday, April 16, 2015

Terrorists shoot American woman living in Pakistan for 25 years, married to a Pakistani and the mother of 2

(Karachi) 55-year-old Debra Lobo was shot today by a bunch of religious bigots who tried to murder her for the crime of being born in America. It appears that she had lived in Pakistan for 25 years, is married to a Pakistani and has 2 children who were born in Pakistan. Not only that but she was the vice principle at the main dental college in the country which helps train Pakistani people to help their fellow countrymen. However, that didn’t stop two idiots from trying to murder this woman whose only crime was to help her fellow men.

Messages in English and Urdu were dropped at the scene, saying the attack was carried out by the “Lions of Daulah Al-Islamiyyah”, using the Arabic name for the Islamic State group (IS) which has seized swathes of territory in Iraq and the Middle East.