Thursday, April 9, 2015

Egypt: 28 killed Wednesday

(Sinai) It appears that Obama's favourite Egyptians, the Muslim Brotherhood, are still smarting over how the people demanded the military remove them from office over their pious religious bigoted ways. Yes, the forerunners of Al-Qaeda aren't going to take the fact they lost face, prestige and power the other year, and so after murdering a few people last week they continued with their blood letting yesterday by murdering 13 more.

The first incident happened when one of their mortars aimed at the military missed its mark and instead landed on a house near the town of Sheik Zweid situated in the northern part of Sinai, killing 9 people inside.

The second saw 2 people killed when another missile landed on their home.

The third incident saw a roadside bomb detonated as a police car passed it in the provincial capital of el-Arish.

Also, 15 terrorists uttered 'Allah ackba' for the last time during a security sweep of the same area.