Monday, April 6, 2015

ISIS girl's father admits that he may be the reason she became an evil bitch

(London) When three little jihadist school-girls decided to pack their bags and bugger off in search of a new life under ISIS, there was a media frenzy in the UK. Questions were demanded over how 3 sweet little girls could go and live under the barbaric burka of ISIS. Everybody pointed the finger at everybody else, government, foreign policy, schools, airports, police, friends. You name it they blamed it. But nobody bothered looking at the parents. Why, the families had their day in Parliament and they actually demanded the police apologise for failing to prevent their sweet little girls flying off in search of a pure Islamic land in which to push out lots of little gun totting terrorists for Allah.

We demand an apology from the British Police for failing our daughters!
Well, I pointed out the other week that Mr Abase Hussen, the father of one of these girls, who was filmed protesting outside the American embassy in the UK, who not only was at the front of the march doing his best to emulate 'Angry Muslim Guy', he also took part in the burning of the US and Israeli flags, may have played a part in why his daughter is currently doing her bit for Allah on her back in Syria. But the major media outlets in the UK (BBC, etc.) wouldn't touch the story with a bargepole. However, that hasn't stopped others.

Today, The Times interviewed the Ethiopian refugee who explains he came to the UK via Germany in 1999, saying why he came to London:
'I came for democracy, for the freedom. For a better life for children so they could learn English.'
That he is not an extremist, despite attending a rally where the US and Israeli flag was burnt: 'It was a mass protest. I had heard it was going on from mosques, so I went there, I just went by myself, I went to show my feelings because my religion was being insulted, my faith. Protesting is not radical, it is our right.'
This he followed up by admitting he had taken his wife and daughter on a couple of violent Islamic protests. But then he had to admit it because they were caught on camera as well.

So let me get this straight. An Islamic asylum seeker who in front of MPs in Parliament demanded an apology from the authorities for not preventing his daughter from becoming radicalised, was not only guilty of  subscribing to the mindset of a radical, but he even took his daughter and wife on such protests, and this is how the bBC wants you to see this democracy seeking fine fellow:

"We can't stop crying."