Friday, April 10, 2015

PLO rejects request to help Syrian Army to save Yarmouk

No one cares about the Palestinians in Yarmouk. Not even the Palestinians.
DAMASCUS (The National) - The Palestine Liberation Organisation has said it refuses to be drawn into military action in an embattled Palestinian refugee camp in Syria that has been overrun by ISIL, backing away from earlier comments by one of is senior members.

ISIL militants have seized almost all of the Yarmouk refugee camp – which lies on the outskirts of the capital Damascus – in recent days, brushing aside local militia opposed to president Bashar Al Assad.

“We refuse to be drawn into any armed campaign, whatever its nature or cover, and we call for resorting to other means to spare the blood of our people and prevent more destruction and displacement for our people of the camp,” the PLO said in a statement on Thursday, issued from Ramallah.

Earlier in the day, Ahmad Majdalani, who was sent to Damascus by the PLO leadership to discuss the Yarmouk crisis with the Syrian government, said he fully endorsed a Syrian military offensive to regain control of the camp.