Saturday, April 18, 2015

Apartheid in South Africa: Blacks target foreigners

(Pretoria) The blacks of South Africa (SA) rightly fought against the apartheid and in 1994 they consigned that ugly chapter of SA into the bin. For the first 14 years SA presented a shining example to the world of how a multicultural society should be, and since 2008 the place has simply reverted to just another African country riven by tribal power. In this case, the tribe is the Zulu, led by King Goodwill Zwelithini who a fortnight ago said:
Foreigners should 'take their bags and go'. 'We must deal with our own lice' and then complained about foreign-owned shops:

This was seen by a lot of South Africans as the green light to murder death kill and stock up from the shop you've just looted, while the Zulu king is now saying his words were taken out of context. A large number of people agree with him, including the son of President Zuma:
“We need to be aware that as a country we are sitting on a ticking time bomb of them [foreigners] taking over the country.
Anyway, the latest from SA is that gangs of black Africans are attacking foreigners for living in the country. Yes, angry at how they are still living in shitty conditions, the locals have taken a leaf out of the Apartheid era and decided that those who are not South African are the reason why they are poor and deserve to be shown their place. Which has resulted in them attacking foreign run shops and looting them. After 2 weeks of attacks and looting (and a number of deaths), the government has decided to do something and sent in the police to protect foreign nationals, they have also opened up patrolled refugee camps across the country for displaced foreigners which, as of Friday morning, numbered 8,000:

Other African countries have started repatriating their citizens out of South Africa.