Saturday, April 4, 2015

Muslims in Liberia protest over how Christianity has been recommended to be the state religion

(Monrovia) The small western African state of Liberia has a population of just over 4 million. Out of that population, 85% follow Christianity, the second largest group, Islam, comes in at 12%. However, a proposal to make Christianity the state religion hasn't gone down well with the followers of Mohammed.

In an interview with Turkish Anadolu News Agency, Islamic protest leader Hajah Swaray informs the world that he objects to Christianity becoming the state religion because:
"It would not be fair to see one group marginalized. "Liberia is not for Christians, Liberia is not for Muslims, Liberia is for everybody. We don't want Liberia to be for only one group of people."
A secular Muslim opining to a Turkish Islamic audience that he is a victim. Anyway, it seems that the so called peaceful Islamic protest  turned violent.

Can you imagine what would happen to a Christian in any Islamic country who demanded that the country becomes secular?