Wednesday, November 26, 2014

2 British police idiots in court over attacking autistic man with a mental age of 3

(Luton) You know what, I'm the first to come out of the blocks when it comes to attacking intolerance, which from me is usually aimed at the followers of Allah. But I'm actually a fair man and when I saw this story I thought... bloody hell.

This past February, 33-year-old Faruk Ali, a severely disabled autistic man, was doing as he did every Thursday by helping his mother by taking out the rubbish bins. Unfortunately for him, policemen Christopher Thomas and Christopher Pitts just happened to be driving by. When they saw Faruk, they stupidly spoke into a recording video camera.
'Fucking Paki.'
Then, after they drove past, they turned around in their squad car and chased down a very frightened Mr Ali. The thing is, the same video recorder in their squad car records them laughing their single brain cells off. They then jumped out and physically attack Mr Ali. This includes rugby tackling him, throwing him into some rubbish bins and then punching him (remember, this is a man with a mental age of a 3-year-old). When his family come outside to see what the commotion is, Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber came out with a story that they were concerned for Mr Ali as he was not wearing proper shoes, and also said they thought he could be a burglar or have a knife. After making a quick getaway, they lied to their station chief saying that they were concerned for Mr Ali when they saw him running away.

Thomas (left) and Pitts outside court
Well, both idiots are in the dock, and you know what, throw the f-ing book at them. Both are a disgrace to humanity and hopefully, once inside prison, both will find the love of a fucking Paki every night as they are made to kneel and take what Allah has to give them. Idiots like this cause racism.