Thursday, November 6, 2014

Violent racist attack on German footballer in Turkey, because he supports the Kurds against ISIS

(Ankara) Deniz Naki is a German citizen born of Turkish parents who plays football in Turkey for Turkish Super League club Genclerbirligi. It seems that his social media support for the Kurds in their fight against the religious bigots of ISIS hasn't gone down well with the local population because this past weekend he was approached and physically attacked by three men (in a food shop) who felt their honour had been stained by him. So after calling him a dirty Kurd and then beating him up, they told him this was his last warning (actually, it was his first) and that he had to leave Turkey or else.

Well, he's now packed his bags and returned home to Germany. Imagine if somebody did likewise to a Turk in Germany. There would be Allah to pay.