Friday, November 21, 2014

Russian gang picks on wrong man

(Russia) When-29-year old Nicolai Vlasenko, took his wife out for a drink, I suspect they expected a simple night. However, when Nicolai returned from a visit to the toilet, he found his wife surrounded by a gang of men who were trying to get her to join their table. After Nicolai told them that she was married, the gang leader asked if Nicolai wanted to take the argument outside. Once outside, it appears that the gang tried to blind side Nicolai by distracting him by keeping him talking as the hardest of their posse took of their shirts.

Big mistake.

It transpires that Mr Vlasenko is not only a professional boxer, but a martial artist as well.

Afterwards, the gang tried to sue Nicolai for assault, but after the police looked at the video, they dropped the charges.