Wednesday, November 19, 2014

England: Pakistani doctor jailed for 16 years on charges of sexual assault

(Birmingham) Award-winning neurosurgeon Nafees Hamid was jailed this week for 16 years after been found guilty of sexually assaulting female patients while wearing a white coat.

It seems that when women were referred to him, Nafees would use his fingers to go wandering around the private regions of his victims, and even on occasion took to removing their clothing for them in which to make it easier for him to assault his victims.

Naturally, Hamid professed his innocence by claiming that some of the alleged attacks did not happen, while others were legitimate examinations which had been misconstrued.

However, with 10 victims on the other side of the dock, it didn't take long to find this sexual deviant guilty. The thing is, the police are saying that actually there may be many more victims of this odious man.

Just what is it about Muslims and sexual assaults?