Thursday, November 6, 2014

Intolerant Pakistani policeman chops up a man with an axe, because he thought he offended Islam

(Pakistan) 36-year-old Assistant Sub-Inspector Faraz Naveed of the Pakistani Police became really angry at 50-year-old Shia Muslim Tufail Haider who had been arrested on (so called) blasphemy charges, and so in order to regain his honour, he picked up and used an axe to murder Mr Haider, which, funny enough, transpired a day after an Islamic mob murdered a Christian couple, apparently in a bid to also regain their honour.

A closer look at the reason why Pakistani Naveed murdered an innocent man reveals that he felt that Haider disparaged the companions of a paedophile who lived over 1,600 years ago. Gee what a f-ing religion gay death cult where you can find any reason to murder somebody just because you can.

The worst part, the liberals keep on telling me Islam is a peaceful faith. Really?