Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rural UK school marked down for being too white

(Lincolnshire) In the village of Middle Rasen (population 1,174 in 2011), the local school was marked down by school inspectors for being too white. Yup, it seems that the politically correct inspectors didn't like how in an area which is 95% English, there is a lack of non-white children. Even in the nearby and much bigger town of Market Rasen (population 5,417) there are were only 90 people born in EU countries, with 29 born in Africa and 62 born in the Middle East and Asia. And yet to the politically correct idiots from Ofstead this is a crime of the highest order, and so they gave the school a low mark for being predominately white. Nowhere else in the world would the locals accept such a blinked mindset, yet in the UK it is now the law.

That, people, is why the UK is a joke.