Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How Muslims use human rights laws to silence critics of Islam

(London) Isn't it amazing how after years of open Islamic ugliness, intolerance, and terrorism which persecutes and oppresses billions and murdered millions, not only are we forbidden from questioning Muslims and Islam, but we in the West are forbidden from calling Islamic terrorists... terrorists?

Nope we have to use the much lesser term militant. It's as if the intolerant followers of Islam can do as they please, free in the knowledge that the Government and liberals will jump to their defence. Free in the knowledge that they are defended from above, Muslims the world over feel they can do or say what they want, free in the knowledge that the law will protect them.

So why am I not surprised to hear that the Islamic editor of the Huffington Post (Mehdi Hasan) is demanding that newspapers that report on Islamic hate crimes be sanctioned? Yup, this man feels that the media reports unjustly on Islam and that we should all look upon Muslims as victims.

The problem is, the media in the UK already subscribes to this apologetic POV of Islam.