Sunday, November 23, 2014

China unveils its latest stealth fighter, Pakistan at front of queue to purchase it

(Peking) China has finally unveiled its latest stealth fighter. The Shenyang J-31, a twin engined fighter jet which has been designed primarily for the export market. Intended to be a rival to the American F-35 and Russian Sukhoi Su-35, the jet will be targeted at those countries which naturally have dubious human rights records and who don't like spending a lot of cash on Western weapons. Which is why Pakistan (which received £1 billion in aid from the UK alone) has signed up to purchase 40 of these jets. Anyway, the Chinese took the covers of their second stealth aircraft in as many years at the Zhuhai airshow the other week, where it regaled the audience to a flyby. (The video below is taken from a practice session).

Well, the J-31 is reportedly the bastard child of stolen American technology and as such may be more than a match for anything fielded by the West. Even more disturbing is how the Chinese will sell to anybody, wgich may result in nefarious nations using the J-31 to carry out clandestine attacks on the neighbours. (Iran/North Korea/Pakistan, etc.)

The irony here is, the peace loving Obama actually cut back on the production of the F-22 (and is looking at cutting back on the F-35) and now finds himself faced with not one, but two hostile nations fielding and willing to sell a 5th generation aircraft to those who stump up the cash.