Thursday, November 27, 2014

UK city votes to ban Israeli goods

(Leicester) Have you noticed that where Muslims are in the minority in the UK, they go well out of their way in which to promote themselves as only victims? Be it being denied the right to a new mosque, Islamic holidays or even refusing to work near guide dogs, alcohol or pork, all we ever hear is victim, victim, victim.

But the thing is, when Muslims are in the majority in the UK, then they have no problem enforcing their racist, bigoted ideology onto others. Which is why we have seen Sharia enforcement patrols in London attacking people for drinking, holding hands with women, or even getting attacked for being gay. We have Tower Hamlets council being taken over by the government due to the Islamic corruption within its halls. How about the Islamic rape gangs? Another 13 jailed today. Let's not forget the Trojan Horse affair in our schools where intolerant Islamic doctrine was drummed into children. And the list is endless.

Which is why I am not surprised to hear how Leicester city council voted on the 13th of November to ban all Israeli made goods because, as we all know, Jews and not Muslims are the most oppressive people on the planet. Yup, it seems that the the resolution calling for a ban on Israeli goods was proposed by Councilor Mohammed Dawood, and the nice Islamic population of Leicester voted it in.

Well, I say to Pakistani Mohammed Dawood, good for you. To that end, are you going to ditch your computer, mobile phone, medicine for heart disease and diabetes, your multi-locking front door, texting, USB flash drives, cherry tomatoes and the rest? Yeah, right. Can you see any Jew hater getting rid of any of the above?

Funny enough, it was reported today that attacks on homosexuals are on the rise in Leicester. It appears everywhere in the UK where the Islamic population becomes the majority, the incidents of Islamic intolerance do too.