Thursday, November 27, 2014

UK: Another bunch of Muslims arrested on charges of child rape

(Manchester) This past couple of years has been something of an eye opener regards the exposure of Islamic paedophile gangs who target white children in which to follow in the footsteps of their paedophile of a founder, Mohammed.

After years of political correctness, the authorities have had to take action, as the left-wing socialist government, which was more than happy to brand you as a racist for speaking about Islamic mores from 1997 to 2010, was replaced by the right-wing conservative one.

Since 2010, we've seen numerous Islamic gangs exposed, arrested and jailed for their peccadilloes towards little white girls.

Things really came to light when Rotherham council revealed that over 1,400 girls had been victims of Islamic gangs. Birmingham council revealed only this week that they have been covering up Islamic paedophile gangs for over 26 years, and yesterday I reported how a Pakistani family raped a girl when she fell asleep in the back of a taxis, resulting in one of the rapists doing a runner.

Well, you'd think with all this bad publicity Pakistani Muslims would be keeping a low profile. But no, they simply just can't keep their dicks in their trousers when a pre-pubescent child walks by. Which is why in a dawn raid in Manchester today police picked up 7 males (including a school boy) in order to confirm to the dickats of the left-wing socialist elites they reported the arrested paedophiles as belonging to a of mixed ethnicity.

Anybody else find it strange how not one of these very well paid political elites hasn't worked out that the vast majority of these paedophiles are Muslims and that something should be done about the repressive medieval codex of Islam which we are not only told to respect as a religion of peace, but which we are forbidden to complain about?