Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kenyan Muslims go on rampage after weapons found in 4 mosques

(Mombasa) Acting on good intelligence, Kenyan police raided 4 mosques in the coastal town of Mombassa and found a good stash of weapons, including hand grenades, pistols, petrol bombs, and in the process arrested 110 people.

Well, that didn't go down well with the followers of Islam who felt that their honour had been stained. So, in response, hoards of Muslims rioted in the streets, attacking Christians and the like. 4 people murdered later by these Islamic thugs, with scores more attacked.

Naturally, Muslims have played the victim card:
Hussein Khalid, from the Mombasa-based civil society group HAKI Africa, warned Wednesday that "forceful and violent strategies only act to heighten tension in what already is a volatile situation." While accepting that grenades had been found, he also said police had a "reputation" among some Kenyans of planting evidence - claims the security forces have repeatedly denied.
Is there anywhere on Earth where Muslims can live in peace with non-Muslims?