Thursday, November 27, 2014

Libya: Idiot films himself masturbating into food, gets shot six times, cafe gets blown up

(Tripoli) The penchant for idiots who film themselves doing something stupid and then upload it on the social media shows no bounds. Last week in the UK we saw a Labour (socialist) politician resign after tweeting her contempt for the common man. Then there was that stupid bitch in Wales who received a lot of abuse after she shoved her cat in its basket and then placed it in the bath.

Well, some idiot in Libya beats them all hands down.

It seems that a migrant worker in Libya filmed himself masturbating into food, saying that he was "putting HIV sperm" in the meals. Well, it seems that didn't go down well with the local population who found this idiot, shot him six times in the legs and then blew up the fast food outlet. Bet he isn't laughing now, is he?

A prime contender for a Darwin Award.