Tuesday, November 11, 2014

England: Pakistani cabbie took drunk fare to his family to rape

(England) When 42-year-old taxis driver Tamseel Virk picked up a drunk young lady in Bradford this past May, he didn't call it in, instead he called his family in which to get them to book a hotel room so they could rape the girl in comfort.

Unable to get a room at such a short notice, he dropped her off at a park where his uncle (38-year-old Azad Raja) and his nephew (21-year-old Wakar Akhtar) raped the poor girl because, apparently, that is what Pakistani Muslims do to white girls in England.

You'd think that under a climate of extra public and police awareness about Pakistani men and their predilection for rape this Muslim family would have thought twice about carrying out a rape. But no, they just had to stick their dirty dicks into an innocent woman because their founder did so as well.

Still think Islam is a peaceful faith?