Wednesday, November 26, 2014

4 Polio workers shot dead in Pakistan

(Quetta) It appears that the warped nation of the Taliban knows no bounds when today they murdered 3 female nurses administering the Polio vaccine in Pakistan, their male driver and wounded 3 more nurses.
The team was on its way to the assigned union council after collecting polio vaccines in Killi Ahmzai area when armed men on motorbikes intercepted their vehicle on Link Road of Easter Bypass,” said an eyewitness, adding that masked men first shot the woman campaigner in front seat and then opened indiscriminate fire on other workers sitting in the back of the pickup.
Apparently, according to these religious bigots, the Polio vaccine is a con and it is actually a tool of the Americans to cause infertility amongst Muslims. So rather than protect their children these idiots want them to be blighted by a horrible disease.

Funny enough, the three nations blighted by Polio are:
  • Afghanistan
  • Nigeria (the Islamic northern half only)
  • Pakistan
Which, funny enough, are all states where administering the Polio vaccine can get you killed.

Anybody know what connects these 3 failed states?