Sunday, November 23, 2014

After bus attack, Kenya strikes Somalia, killing 100 terrorists

(Nairobi) After the murderous attack yesterday on a bus in the north of the country where 10 heavily armed Islamic terrorists murdered 28 innocent people for the sin of not being Muslims, Kenya has today revealed it has struck at the Islamic bigots behind this attack by following them back to their camp inside Somalia and wiping it from the face of the earth. The two pronged attack destroyed the camp, 4 technicals (4x4 armed with a heavy machine gun and over 100 people).

Deputy President William Ruto reported to the world:
"Two successful operations were carried out against the perpetrators of these murderous executions across the border. Our retaliatory action left in its trail more than 100 fatalities."
Ending with:
"Our message to them is clear - you may sneak and attack innocent civilians. But for any attack on Kenya and its people, we shall pursue you wherever you go."