Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pakistan: Pregnant Christian woman stripped naked and paraded in the street after employer accuses her of not working to expectation

(Pakistan) A 28-year-old pregnant Christian woman in Pakistan was allegedly paraded naked for not working up to the expectation of her employer.

The victim, a resident of Christian Colony Rana Town of Sheikhupura district in Punjab province, who worked as a maid, claimed that she was made to walk naked for about half an hour for not working to the expectations of her employer. She said her employer’s son dragged her outside and tore her clothes with his four friends and left her naked in the corner of the street where an elderly woman gave her clothes. She was later taken to hospital by her relatives.

Flanked by her husband, the mother of four, said: “I was two-month pregnant and I lost my baby in the incident.

Pakistani police report:
“We are investigating the claim of the complainant that his wife was paraded naked by the accused,” Khan said, adding that police are trying to arrest the culprits."
Strange how Pakistani police are so quick to act when somebody is accused of blasphemy, yet pick on a Christian (including murder) and the Pakistani police make chief Wigum look good.