Saturday, November 22, 2014

Somalia's Al-Shabab jihadists murder 28 non-Muslims in Kenya

(Nairobi) Every day we hear from somebody that Islam is a religion of peace, that actually Islam is a victim of the West and that if Israel was to be destroyed, peace will befall the Earth. And every day we hear of the latest Islamic outrage where all of the above statements are shown to be false.

Which is why today we hear about how Islamic terrorists, angry that arms and ammo have been confiscated from 4 Kenyan mosques, decided to get their own back on the so-called intolerant Kenyans by stopping a bus near the Somali border, separating the Somali passengers from the non-Somali passengers and demanded at gunpoint for the non-Muslims to read from the Islamic holy book, the Koran. Those that failed this test were murdered in cold blood. A few Somali passengers who protested met the same fate.

And the apologists for Islamic intolerance will blame something or someone for this latest outrage.

According to the bBC, the Kenyan government is to blame. Strange, as I would be pointing at the Islamic bigots who carried out this ugly act.