Friday, August 18, 2017

Vietnam confirms it has acquired BrahMos anti-ship cruise missiles from India

(Hanoi) The Vietnamese, the masters of asymmetric warfare, have confirmed that they have purchased from India the BrahMos anti-ship cruise missiles. A purchase which will surely infatuate the Chinese and make them tread very carefully in any future naval entanglements with the Vietnamese which until now they have used their sheer size in which to bully their much smaller neighbour:
in which to claim the entire South China sea. This in turn has lead to many of the smaller nations that border the South China increasing their military spending in which to counter the Chinese Dragon.

With the purchase of the BrahMos anti-ship cruise missiles, Hanoi has gotten its hands on a unstoppable supersonic cruise missile which currently there is no known defence against, with a range of 280 miles, Vietnam now has a weapon which will make Beijing think twice regards venturing into Vietnamese waters.