Thursday, August 10, 2017

OXFAM: EU must not stop vulnerable refugees from leaving Libya

(London)  The lack of political leadership in Europe regards the migration of hundreds of thousands has lead to even more people making the journey from their homelands (primarily in Africa) to the European continent in which to better their chances, this in turn has lead to a polarisation of the public, which until of late, the left of the political centre have swept under the carpet by playing the racist card.  However things are changing, the biggest change so far , is how the UK voted to leave the EU last year. Eastern European countries have drawn a line in the sand and said No to the redistribution of primarily, economic migrants to their countries from the southern ones. Across Europe far right parties are walking (Not creeping) out of the shadows in which to portray themselves as the saviours of their respective countries, Yet for all of the above, the EU mandarins still ruminate, procrastinate and run around in circles like the headless chickens they are, over the problems of mass migration into Europe, whilst the people who pay their wages, face all the trials and tribulations that mass immigration has brought to their front door.

Well to the ethical latte drinkers at Oxfam (British Charity)  the EU aren't doing enough, and in their latest campaign they have openly berated the EU for not doing enough and have demanded that the EU opens their borders to even more economic migrants (The vast majority of people Oxford interviewed in their report (link above) are from African countries that are at peace)  by issuing the following demands:

  • The EU and its member states should refrain from signing agreements that try to stop people in danger from leaving Libya by sea. Search and rescue operations serve a humanitarian purpose and should not be undermined by political pressure to stop migration.
  • The processing of asylum applications must take place in a safe and secure environment. 
  • European countries should take their fair share of asylum seekers and allow vessels with anyone saved at sea to reach European shores.
  • Once asylum seekers have arrived in Europe, more EU member states should offerto process their applications, so that Italy is not shouldering the responsibility alone.
  • Finally, the EU and its member states should create more safe routes for migrants so they are not forced to risk their lives in Libya and by crossing the Mediterranean. Seasonal labour visas and humanitarian visas that protect refugees from persecution are examples of potential solutions.
Charities live off donations (Be it governmental or private) they actually don't go out and work for the money they receive and spend. (Kind of explains the huge wages they afford themselves) which kind of explains why they have no problem demanding that Europe take in the population excesses of the third world and then house them, feed them and give them all benefits which benefits no-one. We keep on hearing that we should do the right thing and do more, yet, whilst Europe is tearing itself apart at the seams over what to do with the millions who have arrived these past couple of years, these do-gooders demand we take in even more.