Sunday, August 6, 2017

Australia: Muslim group objects to term...Islamic-inspired terrorism

(Sydney) This week Australia Police broke up a couple of Jihadistplots to murder as many people as possible. The first plot was for the release of toxic gas in a public enclosed space, the second was to secrete an explosive devise onto a plane. Well as mentioned both plots were disrupted and when Australian Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin addressed journalists on TV regards the latter plot he was asked by  a journalist if the four men arrested across Sydney were connected with ISIS. He replied:
'We do believe it's Islamic inspired terrorism”
Well, that has offended the Islamic Council of Queensland, which faster than you can utter: ‘Allah Ackba’ complained to the news agency which reported this story, however when they replied that they were simply repeating a direct quote.

The Islamic council attacked the Australian Federal Police for using the term 'Islamic-inspired terrorism'

Has anybody else noticed how after each and every terrorist incident (Failed or actual) Muslims rewrite the facts in which to make themselves into the real victims. Just what is about Islam and its inability to face the truth?