Monday, August 21, 2017

China demonstrates Active Protection System (APS) known as the GL-5

(Beijing) China has joined the ranks of nations which have developed an Active Protection System (APS) for its armoured vehicles. APS are designed to defend and protect vehicles from primarily anti-tank missiles which have of late been used to deadly effect in Syria. The best known and battle proven is the Israeli Trophy APS.

The Chinese system, named GL-5, was demonstrated to the world during a live-fire display as part of NORINCO’s second ‘Armour Day’ in Bautou, Inner Mongolia. The configuration of the GL-5 was confirmed, with the system employing a radar sensor system and grenade-type interceptor countermeasures, aka Hard Kill.

Designed to be mounted onto Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) and other armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs), the GL-5 employs four radar sensors, each covering a 90° arc.

These have a detection range of approximately 100 m and an elevation angle of 20°. When seen mounted on the test vehicle during the live-fire demonstration, two of these sensors are positioned on the front of the turret’s roof, with a further two on the rear of the turret.

The Chinese system doesn't appear as compact as Western systems which tend to use just 2 launchers. However, it works, and with an export economy which sells to anybody no questions asked, lots of third world countries will be lining up to fit these onto their own armoured vehicles. Which chips away at the qualitative edge the West has had for over 200 years when it comes to land warfare.