Wednesday, August 23, 2017

UK: Islamic rapist had to be consoled by his victim after she told him she had 'AIDS'

(London) 42-year-old taxis driver Suleiman Abdirizak must have thought all his Ramadans had come at once when his drunk female passenger passed out in his car. He drove her to a secluded road and then climbed into the back with her, in order to save time, he whipped out his penis and stuck it in his passengers mouth, telling her:
"I'll only drive you if you suck my dick."
She told him a lie, she told him she had HIV, to keep him away from her. Suleiman freaked out, dousing his penis with water from a squash bottle and then had to be consoled by his victim because he was so upset over the fact he had contact with somebody he presumed had AIDS. Afterwards, police were called and he claimed he drove up the secluded road as she wanted to go somewhere private to be sick.

Suleiman Abdirizak
The victim, when questioned, stated that she had passed out when the driver climbed into the back of the car with her and started fondling her leg, then she woke up with something in her mouth. She said:
"What are you doing?"
He replied:
"You a pretty girl, you must get that a lot."
She added: 'I don't know how I thought of this idea to lie to him, I said I have an illness and you don't want to sleep with me. 'He thought it was an STD or something, I told him I have HIV and have had it for five years. 'If I touched your penis, I don't know what could happen. 'He got out a squash bottle from his car and started washing his mouth and penis because he thought he was contaminated. 'He immediately left her alone and rinsed out his mouth and penis with water. As he was so visibly upset, she started comforting him and reassured him that he could not get it by touching.

The case continues.