Sunday, August 13, 2017

Libyan Coast Guard achieves in 30 seconds what the EU has failed to do in 4 years

(Tripoli) For the past 4 years, the EU has been unable to stem the tide of people being rescued off the coast of Libya and transported by the hundreds of thousands hundreds of miles north to Europe (primarily Italy).

The EU, governed by do-gooders and liberals (unless they are talking to the UK regards Brexit), has ruminated over what they should do. Well, the other day, the Libyan coast guard opened fire on a Spanish taxi service for these economic migrants and told them in very few words that if they return, the next time they will be killed.

Well, nothing like the threat of force in which to make the ethical latte lot stop and change their underwear. Following that threat a number of NGOs have stated they will no longer transport economic migrants from off the coast of Libya to the European mainland.