Tuesday, August 8, 2017

UK: Liberal media refuses to play race card after 11 black thugs chase down and murder a Muslim in Broad daylight

(Manchester) Ten men and a boy are facing lengthy sentences behind bars after a teenager was hunted to his death in front of rush-hour motorists.

Abdul Hafidah
18 year old Abdul Wahab Hafidh was attacked at around 5.15pm on May 12, 2016  after he strayed into a gangs "territory". When the gang learnt he had strayed into their territory, they ‘herded’ him on foot, on bikes and in cars.  Abdul tried to hide in a derelict house and behind a large advertising hoarding before running across commuter traffic and trying desperately to get into passing cars. A passer-by heard him say ‘help me, they’re going to kill me’ moments before he was cornered.  He was then rendered helpless by one of the gang, Nathaniel Williams, who ran him down with a car before Delroy Wright, Durrell Ford, William George, Reanu Walters, Trey Wilson, Durrell Goodall, Devonte Neish, Devonte Cantrill, Remekell Samuels and a 15-year-old boy, who can’t be named for legal reasons, attacked him. Abdul was punched, kicked, stamped, hit with a hammer and stabbed twice to the neck. He died two days later in hospital.
Left to right: Reanu Walters, Nathanial Williams, Devonte Cantrill, Delroy Wright, Durell Ford, Trey Wilson, Durrell Goodall, Remekell Samuels, Devonte Neish, and William George

Disturbing video shows Abdul  ( seen in the white top ) being chased by the gang through south Manchester - moments later he was run over by a car driving by one of the mob and stabbed in the neck.

When a non-white person in the UK is not treated with the respect they feel they should have received, the media is very quick to play the race card, be it verbal , an arrest or even a murder, we are quickly regaled to accusations of racism. Yet here where a Muslim teenager was hunted down by a pack of feral black thugs and nothing. Where is Black lives matter? Where are the Muslims , in fact where are the media. Can you imagine the outrage if the 11 thugs who chased down and murdered Abdul Wahab had been white?