Saturday, August 26, 2017

India: Terrorist attack on Army camp see 8 soldiers killed

(Kashmir) The ongoing insurgency on India’s border with Pakistan, funded by Islamabad, saw an police camp attacked by Islamic terrorists with 8 soldiers and the 2 attackers killed.

The shootout started after terrorists from Islamist group Jaish-e-Mohammad stormed a police camp in Pulwama, a town in southern Kashmir, early on Saturday. The terrorists, believed to be three in number, detonated grenades and fired automatic assault rifles to gain entry to the police headquarters in southern Pulwama district which also houses families of some officers. One police officer was killed in the initial assault, while three paramilitary troops were injured and evacuated to a nearby hospital. Three more police officers and four CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) soldiers were killed later during the attack. Two attackers were killed and government forces were searching for the third attacker, believed to be holed up in the compound.All the families in the compound were evacuated and the militants had taken no hostages, police said in an earlier statement. Authorities have cut off mobile internet services in the district to prevent residents from organizing anti-India protests as a tactic to help the terrorists escape.

Government forces have stepped up counterinsurgency operations since the start of the year and have killed at least 136 rebels, including most of the top commanders of rebel groups operating in Kashmir.