Saturday, August 26, 2017

Nigeria: Boko Haram attack kills 27

(Borno State)  On Wednesday last , Islamic terrorist group which is campaigning for the implementation of Shariah law in a state where Shariah law is already the law, descended on six villages and did what they do best, murdering those who can’t fight back.

At around 9pm, gunmen attacked the villages of  Abachari, Kote, Uda Lawanti and Wokilli, all in the Nganzi Local Government Area of Borno State, killing 15 people and leaving many wounded burning them to the ground and stealing food, then at 2am on Thursday morning  they descended on the villages of Mallam Moduri and Kijimatari, in Guzamala Local Government Area. On top of murdering as many people as they could, these arseholes kidnapped a load of women and children.