Wednesday, August 23, 2017

UK: Pakistani MP supports the view that for the good of diversity, child rape victims should remain silent if their abusers are Pakistani

(Birmingham) Last week, the Shadow Equalities Minister Sarah Champion was forced to resign due to pressure from her fellow Socialists for pointing out that the vast majority of rape gangs in the UK are Pakistani. Funny enough, the person who was at the front of the queue of offended Socialist MPs was Pakistani MP Naz Shah who objected to the fact that somebody was asking public questions about the peccadilloes of her fellow countrymen.

Naz Shah was suspended (for about 5 mins) when it was exposed she is an anti-Semite, due to posts she made on Twitter coming back to bite her. You'd think that somebody who led the moral rigorous posse in which to expel the MP for Rotherham (where 1,400 girls were raped by Pakistani men) for speaking to the media, who was herself suspended for her bigoted Tweets, would learn to be that extra careful in future. Nope, somebody spoofed her the other day with a tweet from another Socialist champion, Owen Jones, and whilst she didn't write it, she liked it and re-tweeted it. The tweet regards the 1,400 child victims of Rotherham stated that the girls should simply shut their mouths in the name of diversity.

When this was picked up by bloggers, she deleted the tweet. Unfortunately for this racist bitch, people had taken screen dumps of her bigotry. Oh look, there's that 'H' word again.