Friday, August 11, 2017

UK: Liberals are finally waking up to the fact that political correctness led to the rise of Islamic rape gangs

(UK) For years, anybody who mentioned Islamic rape gangs in the UK was silenced by the use of the race card, and due to that left-wing stance, Muslims felt that they were above the law. It took a very brave Times reporter to write a news article on how in Rotherham thousands of white girls had been raped by Muslims, that the British government finally woke up. Since then, Islamic rape gangs across the country have found themselves in court and jailed. In each and every case it has transpired that the authorities refused to take action because they didn't want to be labelled as... racists. In Rotherham where this all started, the left-wing council refused to accept (and resign), they allowed children to be raped, and had to be removed by the Government.

Well, yesterday, Women's Minister for the left-wing Labour party Sarah Champion gave an interview to the media where she said that people are failing to confront the problem of  Islamic males abusing white girls because they are terrified of being branded a racist, that political correctness was leaving many too terrified of speaking out against the abuse. And she hit out at the 'floppy left' who she said would probably 'have a go at her for being a racist' for daring to speak out. Speaking to the BBC, she stated:
'We've got now hundreds of men, Pakistani men, who have been convicted of this crime - why are we not commissioning research to see what's going on and how we need to change what's going on so it never happens again?'  She also said Britain needed to wake up and accept that the prosecutions and convictions of grooming gangs are 'predominantly Pakistani men'. She added: 'If it was people from a particular town that was doing this crime across the country, if it was people from - I don't know - a motorbike gang doing this, we'd recognise that as an indicator and we'd deal with it - but we're just not dealing with it. 'I genuinely think it's because people are more afraid to be called a racist than they are afraid to be wrong about calling out child abuse. 'I know in Rotherham I've met frontline social workers who, when - we're talking 10 years ago - they were trying to report this crime, were sent on race relations courses, they were told they were going to have disciplinary action if they didn't remove the fact they were identifying the person as a Pakistani male.
Thousands of primarily little white girls raped and sexually abused by Muslims across the UK, and only now are the Left willing to mention the Muslim in the room. Political correctness has so much to answer for.