Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Check to see if your email account has been hacked.

Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) is a website that allows internet users to check if their personal data has been compromised by data breaches. The service collects and analyses dozens of database dumps and pastes containing information about hundreds of millions of leaked accounts, and allows users to search for their own information by entering their username or email address. Users can also sign up to be notified if their email address appears in future dumps. The site has been widely touted as a valuable resource for internet users wishing to protect their own security and privacy. Have I Been Pwned? was created by security expert Troy Hunt on 4 December 2013.

In a nutshell impute your email address into the search engine, if it comes up green, then you are ok, 

if it comes up red, then you may need to change your log-in details. 

Note, the site works on historical data , so as in the red case above, that was something i picked up on around 3 years ago.