Sunday, August 27, 2017

Morocco: Woman gang raped on packed public bus, nobody comes to her aid

(Casablanca) A video of a 24-year-old woman being sexually assaulted by a gang of feral teenage boys on a bus in Casablanca has sparked outrage in Morocco. The video shows three young men forcibly undressing the woman and forcing themselves on her while others cheered them on amid a burst of laughter and shouting. The woman could be heard repeatedly resisting them while crying out loud for them to stop.

The woman, who the authorities said had learning difficulties, is seen in tears, crying for help, while neither the bus driver nor any of the passengers intervene.

Last Monday, Moroccan police have arrested six boys aged 15 to 17. Whist the video sparked widespread condemnation on social and local media, some have accused the woman of having “provoked the men with indecent clothing”.