Monday, August 28, 2017

Gaza: Hamas repairs links with Iran

(Gaza)  The people of Gaza are slowly starting to realise that they backed the wrong horse when they voted 'Hamas' into power, which has resulted in their living standards becoming worse not due to the Jew, but rather due to the political leadership of  the leaders for life , who not only have got very rich on the blood of the people they claim to represent, but who have started to clamp down hard on any form of protest against their dictatorial rule.  Islamic states have noticed this and have cut off funding, naturally the West still continues to fund the terrorism carried out by these people, whilst at the same time berating the victims for actually fighting back.

Currently the biggest backer for Hamas is Qatar, however things are on hold on that front at the moment due to Doha's huge falling out with the rest of the Arab Sunni world on charges of funding terrorism and getting into bed with Iran.  In a nutshell, Hamas's problem is a lack of friends , which has resulted in a lack of cash. (Which wasn't helped when Fatah cut off their little bit) Unable to keep the plebs happy due to a lack of cash- whilst the leaders live it large- Hamas has turned to Iran, (who it pissed off  a few years back, by not sending terrorists to Syria) in which to make up the shortfall. The mad mullahs more than happy in which to open yet another front up against Sunni Islam have no problem forgiving a largely Sunni organisation in which to continue the spread of Shia Islam. Which is why the leader of Hamas  Yehiyeh Sinwar told reporters Monday:
" that Iran is now "the largest backer financially and militarily" to Hamas' armed wing."
The problem here is, in the long run this may turn out to be the worse move going, as Egypt with whom Hamas is trying to repair relations isn't going to be happy with that move, neither will the rest of the Sunni Islamic world (other than Turkey that is). Good to see, that the leaders of Hamas are still as thick as ever.