Sunday, August 13, 2017

Germany: LIberals up in arms over so called racist Rubbish bins.

(Duisburg)  The liberals in Europe have no problem opining about the low numbers of ethnic representation in everyday life. Be it education, certain sports, TV and film or even in Public life.   In other-words they demand equality for all. Yet when the very policies they demand are actually enacted, we find they are still not happy.

Take for example the German city of Duisburg which has a total population of around 500,000, is home to an estimated 85,000 mostly Turkish Muslims, making it one of the most Islamized cities in Germany. That figure is topped up by around 10,000 Bosnians, 7,000 Syrians and roughly 2000 each from Iraq and Afghanistan. In recent years, tens of thousands of Bulgarians and Romanians have flocked to Duisburg. So Duisberg is what you would class as a multicultural city.  However the Germany of today is no longer the Germany of only a few years ago and where once there was uber clean streets today they resemble the places where these migrants came from. 

Well Dusiberg Stad council decided to place signs with personalised names on some 6,000 bins around the city, with slogans including 'Clean Steffi!' and 'Come here, Kevin!', in the hope that people would be more likely to throw their rubbish away. In order to include the large Turkish minority they included 2 Turkish names. Well that hasn't gone down well with the ethical latte drinkers , the Turkish minority and of course Turkey the country where they have all played the racist card for the inclusion of two Turkish names.