Monday, August 14, 2017

Germany: Scientists have found a way to make Germans accept Millions of refugee, drug them.

(Berlin)  Concerned about how Germans have started to question the Merkels government on the millions of refugees imported into the country, scientists have been tasked to find a solution and faster than you can utter 'Allah ackba' whislt driving a truck they have come up with a solution, which appears to have come out of the Nazis book of human relationships.

Scientists at the University of Bonn have discovered that giving people the drug oxytocin alongside positive social pressure increases kindness toward refugees, even in those with a fear of foreigners . The hormone is released naturally by humans during social and sexual behaviour, and the research has shown it breeds trust and generosity in others.  When volunteers were given Oxytocin,  together with being surrounded by charitable peers it was found to boost people's willingness to donate money to refugees in, even in those with a sceptical attitude toward migrants. So would I be correct in presuming that the powers that be inside Germany and by default the EU, would have no problem dosing everybody with oxytocin  in which to solve their problems. If I was Poland I'd start to police your water supply.

I’ve always said, the EUSSR is no different from the USSR.