Monday, August 28, 2017

Germany: Police uncover plot to kidnap and murder leftist politicians by German Police

(Berlin) Whist The German leader is unrepentant in the face of numerous protests against her importation of millions of economic migrants into the country, a few people it seems are willing to take matters into their own hands in which to send the message to Mrs Merkel that the social fabric of Christian Germany has been rent asunder and that enough is enough.

Protesters greet Merkel at an election rally (Kanzlerin=Chancellor) 
Which is why German Police have today raided the homes of two German policemen who were caught out using social media in which to plot the kidnapping and murders of a list of leftwing Politicians whom they felt had betrayed the country.  The plot was uncovered when the two suspects were monitored discussing politics on online chat forum. . They were unhappy at the government’s immigration and refugee policies and, fearing they could result in a collapse of public order, they had hoarded food supplies and ammunition for their legally licensed guns. In addition, the suspects saw the crisis they feared also as an opportunity to kill figures on the left-wing of the political spectrum with these weapons.