Thursday, August 31, 2017

UK: Half of Britons think Islam is a threat to the West,

(London) A wide-ranging study into attitudes surrounding race and religion in Britain has revealed that 52 per cent of people think that Islam is a threat to the West . Hope not Hate, the advocacy group that campaigns to “counter racism and fascism”, has said that, since 2011, it has tracked a shift in public anxiety from race and racism to Islamophobia and religious discrimination. It noted that, while attitudes towards Muslims improved between 2011 and February 2016, recent attacks — such as the Manchester Arena bombing — have seen anxieties about Islam return to levels of six years ago.

According to the report, (Which they want you to buy) the population as a whole is likely to overestimate the proportion of Muslims in Britain. It found that 39 per cent of people overemphasise the prevalence of Islam in British society, while just 13 per cent estimate the correct 5 per cent. Overall, 57 per cent of people disagree that Muslims in Britain should be associated with violence and terrorism, but the rate of people agreeing that Islam is a dangerous religion has increased since 2011. Most people (77 per cent; down from 76 per cent in February 2016) agree that it is wrong to blame an entire religion for the actions of a few extremists, while 57 per cent of people believe discrimination is a serious problem for Muslims in Britain.

I wonder why people are starting to reject this notion that 'Islam is a religion of peace" Answers on the back of a postage stamp should be addressed to Hope not Hate.