Sunday, October 2, 2016

Yemen: UAE ship struck at sea by anti-ship missile

(Yemen) On Saturday, a ship leased by a United Arab Emirates dredging company (National Marine Dredging Company) was struck by an anti-ship missile and destroyed. The Yemeni (Houthis) rebel group have claimed responsibility for the attack and have released a video in which to substantiate their claim.

However, the video throws up a number of questions, which points at Iran and not Yemen as people behind the above missile attack:

1) The missile appears to be launched from a ship and not land:
"This would allow Iran to use its own people who have been trained exactly in the use of the missile used."

2) The attack has been well planned, to the extent of surveillance before, during and after the attack, including video, communications and prepositioning of assets.
"The target was the HSV-2 a high speed ship which operates at a speed of 30 knots (But is able to reach 45 knots) Meaning there are very few ships which can keep up Yet the attackers knew where to place their film crew for when the missile struck".

3) Prior to the attack, the video shows the terrorists behind this attack pointing out their "intended target on radar screen using a laser pointer. Sorry, but since when have terrorists started using laser pointers? But a very media savvy Iran would."