Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Nigeria: Muslims warn against gender equality

(Abuja) Sheikh Isyaka Rabiu, a prominent Islamic cleric and the leader of the influential Tijjaniya Brotherhood group inside Nigeria, is leading a huge backlash against the government by the Islamic community against a proposal by the Nigerian parliament to bring in a bill which makes men and women equal according to the law. Well, according to Rabiu, that goes against the Koran, and that
"whoever approves of it (the bill) is an unbeliever, not Muslim".
He finished by saying:
"I am appealing to all Muslim [senators] to never allow this bill to become law and if they do, we are going to tell all Nigerian Muslims not to accept it,"
On the other side of the fence, Reverend Musa Asake, the secretary of the West African state's main Christian group, the Christian Association of Nigeria, has stated that he did not find anything wrong with the bill:
"because in Christianity inheritance is shared equally between male and female".