Wednesday, October 12, 2016

UK: Paedophile Mullah does a runner to Bangladesh.

(Wolverhampton) A so called Islamic holyman found guilty of sexually abusing young girls at the local mosque, decided that Sharia law trumps the rule of law and so decided to bugger off to Bangladesh where he can continue to be seen as a respected man.

 57 year old HafizRahman, was convicted last Friday of indecently abusing two little girls during the 1980s after they were sent to him for religious tuition at a mosque in Dudley. Rahman was free on conditional bail pending sentencing following the trial at Wolverhampton Crown Court. He had attended the initial part of proceedings but failed to appear for the final two days after claiming to be sick once the jury retired to consider its verdicts. He was found guilty in his absence on Friday and was visited by police at his home. 

However on Saturday he skipped bail by boarding a flight to Bangladesh in a bid to escape justice. British police confirmed he had skipped bail and absconded.
Hafiz Rahman absconded from the UK on Saturday 8 October when it is believed he boarded a flight to Bangladesh. We are making urgent enquiries to try and arrange his return. He claimed to be too ill to attend his court hearing on Thursday 6 and Friday 7 October at Wolverhampton Crown Court, where he was convicted in his absence of sexually assaulting two girls.
Isn't the British justice system great.