Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Yemen: Iran sponsored terrorist target USS Mason with Anti ship missiles again.

(Yemen)  After their success in striking a civilian ship with an Iranian made and supplied Noor antiship missiles, the mad mullahs intent on causing more trouble as only pious Muslims can presumed that they could target USS warships with impunity, which is why last Sunday they fired 2 anti-ship missiles in the direction of the USS Ponce, USS Nitze and the USS Mason, well that failed big order.

USS Mason

Which is why today they tried again and failed yet again. what is it with peaceful Islam and wishing to kill and murder as many innocent people as possible. The thing these idiots don't realise, is its one thing to target a civilian ship and another a state of the art warship with a well trained crew. Expect the Mad Mullahs to cry foul play.

On Sunday USS Mason fired  fired three missiles : two SM-2 missiles and one EnhancedSea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) to destroy the incoming ordnance, along with a Nulkaanti-ship missile decoy. Whilst the SM2 missiles and the Sea sparrow can be easily understood, the Australian made Nulka is a very clever piece of kit as this video shows: