Monday, October 3, 2016

UK: Mudasser Nadeem faked mental illness in which to get sectioned...

(Bradford) I've heard some strange stories in my time, but I have to admit this one really takes the biscuit. Say hello to 27-year-old Mudasser (apt first name) Nadeem who, on getting arrested again (more on that later), faked he had a mental illness and was placed in Lynfied Mount Hospital in which to try and play a get out of jail card. It seems that after a couple of days licking the windows, he wanted to use his phone, and when he didn't get the respect he feels he deserved, he went all loony tunes.

He “karate-chopped” a female victim support worker on her neck, causing her to fall to the floor. As her colleague tried to intervene, Nadeem struck him to the face with the upper cut and kicked and stamped on him on the floor. Another staff member was punched to the ground “in the style of a boxer”, and another was hit and knocked to the floor as he tried to grab and stop Nadeem who had also grabbed a male patient’s head and was smacking it against a wall.

Wanker Nadeem
Staff members locked themselves in an office to try and escape Nadeem, but he kicked at the door and broke its wooden frame. He then picked up a piece of wood and tried to smash glass in the door, saying: “This is what happens when you don’t listen to me.”

After other staff were called in as back-up, Nadeem barricaded himself in a dining room. When police arrived, he was taken into an isolation room with officers and health professionals. He proceeded to strip naked and run around the room, becoming verbally abusive to police and spitting at a policeman. He then urinated in a bottle and sprayed it at officers, masturbated into his hands and rubbed them on glass, and smeared his own faeces on the walls.

Julian White, for Nadeem, said his client had told the probation service he had faked mental illness in order to be taken into hospital, due to feeling “uncomfortable” at home. The court heard that medical and psychiatric reports had found no aspect of mental illness in the defendant, who had previously served an eight-year sentence for robbery and been re-called on licence three times. Sentencing him to 21 months in jail, Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC labelled Nadeem’s behaviour “appalling and disgraceful.” He said:
“This was very nasty violence, you set about four hospital staff with blows including karate chops and then you assaulted a patient. You wasted the time of doctors for your own peculiar and very selfish needs. You may have personality issues, but there is nothing really wrong with you.”
As this is the UK, expect to see Mr Sandwich short of a picnic out on the streets very soon, mugging some old lady and then playing the racist card in which to try and get a cash handout.

8 years ago, Dickhead was jailed for 5 years for carrying out a violent robbery.

7 years ago, Dickhead was jailed for carrying out another violent robbery.

And you thought I was joking when I said this wanker (quite literally) will be out very soon.