Monday, October 17, 2016

UK: The first Calais children arrive in the UK

(UK) For years the liberal elites in the UK have demanded we take in the thousands of so called Syrian children  camped out in Dover wishing to start a new life in the UK. The fact that they are already in a first world country (France) doesn't seem to matter. To the ethical latte drinkers these children need sanctuary and only by letting them all come to the Uk is what matters, usually under the mantra:
"Its the right thing to do"
The left usually show the pictures like the ones below in which to garner sympathy for their cause:

One group is even taking the UK to court for not allowing asylum seekers in France to come across to the UK. Well today the UK accepted the first tranche of children from Calais. and here are the photos of these very young vulnerable children in need of sanctuary from... France.

Children... Really?