Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Egypt: Brawl breaks out on live TV after liberal mullah attacked with shoe

(Cairo) Australian based imam Mostafa Rashid is deemed to be controversial. Why? Because he believes in equality for women, that they should not have to wear veils (deems them a cultural and not religious obligation), and drinking alcohol is allowed. (The Koran only forbids drunkenness, not drinking.)

But that got him into a argument with lawyer Nabih al-Wahsh, an Egyptian, who on expressing his disdain for Rashid's views first threw abuse, questioned his right to be a mullah (saying that there were no mosques in Australia), and then, in the way of all Muslims when they need to garner public support for their actions, called him an apostate. (Which means they can legally murder the person under Sharia law, which is why so many terrorist groups refer to their victims as such). He then followed his verbal diatribe by taking off his shoe and attacking the mullah with it. (In the ME, hitting somebody with their shoe is deemed a great insult.) However, Rashid fought back (if you can call that fighting), getting in one good punch to the other fellow's face, but he did hurt himself in the process.

The thing is, people like imam Mostafa Rashid are a minority, and people like Nabih al-Wahsh, whom we are importing in their millions into our societies, find their bigoted mindsets defended by liberals. Kind of explains why rapes, murders and intolerance are on the rise in the Western World.