Thursday, October 6, 2016

Muslims cry discrimination after being kicked off the plane after playing song about bombs

(Daily Mail) Four friends who were removed from a flight after it landed in Turkey after being accused of 'playing a song about bombs' have claimed they were ejected from the plane because they are 'bearded Asians'.
Well, if you're a bearded Muslim "playing a song about bombs" on a plane, you should be kicked off the plane AND arrested. You got off easy.
The crew ordered passengers to sit back in their seats after the jet had arrived at the terminal and four heavily armed Turkish police officers boarded the aircraft and removed Nabeal Iqbal, 19, Hammad Ahmed, 21, both dentistry students, warehouse manager Shabad Niaz, 23, and A-level student Tasiq Ali, 18.

They were accused of being 'extremely disruptive' and playing a song that used the word 'bomb' several times on a mobile device during the service from Manchester Airport to Dalaman.